Flemish operas

Below you will find an index with highlights from Flemish Opera Concerts and an index of Flemish opera composers and their operas currently available on this website. Intriguingly, the very first Flemish opera composer in the list is Carolus Hacquart, who is still famous as the composer of the 1680 opera De Triomfeerende Min (The Triumph of Amor), which was effectively the very first... Dutch opera even composed! Another thing that links Dutch and Flemish opera is that until the late 1890s, both were largely French oriented. The German school and Wagner are not very influential until, say, the late 1890’s. Concerts in the 401Concerts series are downloadable. Whenever there’s an opportunity, we also focus on activities of others when it concerns performances of Flemish operas, either staged or in concert performances and highlights. The articles below all link to thoroughly researched articles with photos, musical excerpts in mp3 and/or videos, and where possible with downloads of our own 401DutchOperas productions or historic recordings.

Fits Celis Vlaamse Opera's Serie

Negen integrale opnames van opera's van Jan Blockx, August De Boeck, Emile Wambach, Paul Gilson en Peter Benoit (New)


20160127 401Concerts Nr. 2 (Vlaamse Opera's 1834-1921) (New)

20151126 Vlaamse Opera Aria's Concert Gent 

20151126 VLaamse Opera's Symposium Gent 

20150426 401Concerts Nr. 1 (Nederlandse Opera's 1831-1952 inc. Miry: De dichter en zijn droombeeld)



1640-1701 Carolus Hacquart (new)

– De Triomfeerende Min (1680)

1808-1869 Albert Grisar (coming later)

1814-1892 Armand Limnander Van Nieuwenhove (new)

– Le Maître-Chanteur (Maximilien à Francfort) (1853) (new)

1823-1889 Karel Miry

1828-1908 François-Auguste Gevaert (new)

1834-1901 Peter Benoit (coming later)

– De Schelde (oratorio, 1867) (coming later)
De Oorlog (oratorio, 1873) (coming later)
Charlotte Corday
(1876) (coming soon)
De Rijn (oratorio, 1889) (coming later)
Het meilief (1893) (coming later)

1851-1912 Jan Blockx (new)

1854-1924 Emiel Wambach (new)

1865-1937 August De Boeck (new)

Théroigne de Méricourt (1901) (new)
Winternachtsdroom (1902) (new)
De Rijndwergen (1906) (new)
Reinaert de Vos (1909) (new)
– La route d'Émeraude (Francesca) (1921) (new)

1865-1942 Paul Gilson (coming later)

Prinses Zonneschijn (1902) (coming later)

1878-1965 Emiel Hullebroeck (coming soon)

Seppl (1926) (coming soon)
Het meisje van Zaventem (1934) (coming soon)